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comfy shoes to wear as a teacher

Anyu makes shoes for both men and women. These attractive ankle boots come in four colors. Just because they are good for you, doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. It’s a very lightweight shoe and the Velcro strap holds tightly by the arch, so the shoe can’t pull off. The shoe has a latex arch insert for support. I wore out my black pair after 4 years. Cute Casual Sneakers to Wear Anywhere. Softwalk slip-ons have an egg crate sole that does the job wonderfully. The footbed is slightly cushioned fabric. They are made with vegan fabric and have a four-inch heel, but maybe better for people with slim calves. The outside sole is flexible. This shoe is constructed for running. The soles are solid and not flexible. Correction – that should be Micheal M. (not Micheal W.), Merrells of any sort are fab! There are so many shoes on his list that would not meet the dress code at my school. The sole is synthetic and the insole is Energized for all-day comfort as you would expect from Dr. Scholl. I’m always looking for new brands that will equal the comfort, thanks for this list. It’s very stylish and cute and is quite comfortable for all-day standing. The long days, endless marking and relentless scrutiny can take its toll on us mere mortals. I’ve been living in Sauconys for the past two school years. I wear them all the time and feel great after teaching all day! The sole is slip-resistant rubber with good traction. They are great for elementary school teachers who need to be active on the playground. I can’t believe all the backless shoes featured, we aren’t allowed to wear anything like that. The company says they are true to size but I read a few comments that stated otherwise. They come in four colors and have an Ortholite footbed for extra comfort and support. Only the links to Amazon are affiliate links (this means I get a small commission, at no cost to you). I think the brand recommendations count should be relevant for men as well as women, though–Asics, Aerosoles, Birkenstocks, Crocs, etc. When you want to dress up but still need comfort and support, this is a good choice. The soles are rubber and provide a bit of traction. Alegria Comfortable Shoes. This is a good shoe if you have extra wide feet. It has a cushiony effect that absorbs the impact of your steps to prevent foot fatigue. The heel is suede and the insole is pure wool. I want to try a pair of Dansko. I’m glad to hear your input–we’ll count this as another vote for Skechers. A pair of investment-worthy Blundstone boots that will complete just about any outfit and keep your … The size tends to run large, so check the size chart before you decide. I prefer wedge heels, and I’ve found that I can walk endlessly in just about any pair of Nine West shoes with less than a 2.5 inch heel (anything higher tends to throw my weight too far forward and cause knee/back pain.) Absolutely! The insole is flat, so if you have a high arch, you may not get the support you need. The half-size designation is for width, so if you have wide feet you can get a good fit. She created this blog to make it easier for other teachers to take advantage of some of the best devices out there to upgrade their classrooms without having to do the research themselves. Thanks for chiming in, Jim! I’m also a Skechers Go Walk fan. The boot has the famous Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole. These shoes hug the foot. These are other functional sneakers that aren’t particularly gorgeous. Several reviewers do not recommend these shoes for people with high arches or extra wide feet as they tend to be tight across the top of the foot. The heel is about five-inches high and the straps are adjustable. “This is the most comfortable pump I've ever had,” said one customer. I live in them.” – Lisa M. Danskos are a steady favorite among teachers, and were named repeatedly among those who have had foot surgery in the past or managed other foot issues. However, they are four-inch heels and not a good choice if you need to wear high heels for long hours. They have saved my feet this year! They are 100 percent leather with a synthetic sole. I hope you found some that you like in the extensive list above. They are made from microsuede and have a pointed toe, heel sling strap and the design feature of striped stretch gore straps. Several models give good support to your feet and look fantastic. It has a synthetic sole and memory foam footbed. Perfect for teachers! It has a soft lining with a one-inch heel. These Shoes Have Laid-back Style. Shoes are too expensive to waste money on a pair that hurts your feet. I’m figuring out what my next color will be as I know I want them. I’m a man working in early years and honestly the best shoes I’ve found are Doc Martens, of any variety incorporating Airwear soles. Now that everything is fixed, I love Aerosoles dress shoes and my Sketchers still.” – Jessica H. Alegria was one of the top brands mentioned. These are rugged-looking, leather slip-on loafers. I would also recommend Chacos and Haflinger. It has a small heel of 1.33 inches and an Ortholite footbed. Some reviewers say the front strap irritates the toes after a while. It comes in three colors and is made from 50 percent wool and 50 percent acrylic. Merrells for all humans. These aren’t your grandma’s clogs. For teachers, nurses and other caregivers, comfortable and supportive shoes are essential. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Because of the nature of the job, a teacher’s make-up and … For teachers who are not willing to forego style and heels, footwear by the Italian Shoemakers from DSW are heaven-sent. These shoes have thick soles that provide ample of support and cushion to tired heels. These are very stylish, sturdy boots that tend to be large, so you may want to choose a smaller size than usual. They are ethically-produced and vegan. Munro from Nordstrum is the only shoe that allowed me to stand all day without discomfort. The brand just has too many fans! “I wore nothing but Sketchers dress shoes my first 2 years of teaching due to knee and ankle problems. They come in five different colors and are made from textiles. The crisscross straps are faux leather and they have a low wedge heel. They are so comfortable and supportive. If they get wet, your feet will get wet, but the shoes dry quickly. Thank you for mentioning Keen, as they are comfortable ? They also come in a variety of different colors and finishes. Sole Provisions carry many of the brands suggested earlier though some of the exact styles may not be available. “Sanuk. If your ankles are wide, the strap may rub. This is a retro-looking shoe back to another age. This is a very stylish, cherry-red Arcdia leather boot with a synthetic sole. These leather running shoes come in four colors. High stiletto heels and toe-pinching loafers are not kind to your heels and arches for long periods of time. Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer, Lucky Brand Mindra Espadrille Wedge Sandal, DailyShoes Elastic Panel Heel Ankle Booties, 45 Best Educational Board Games for Kindergarteners, Elementary and Middle School Students, 12 Best Chromebook and Laptop Cases for Schools, 45 Best Classroom Decorations that Support Learning, 40 Best Classroom Door Decorations that Inspire Young Learners. I am a preschool teacher and am constantly up and about chasing after students my go to for shoes is Minnetonka moccasins real hand crafted leather and fur lining is perfect and gives just enough support for tired feet. Best for: It’s always good to have at least one pair of comfortable sandals that are durable enough for you to play outdoors. The sole is synthetic and the shoe is very light and comfortable and has a slimming effect. This Oxford has a more modern look with a white rubber sole. They feel like house slippers.” – Deidre S.D. Naturalizer is another company whose name identifies with healthy shoes. They are designed to reduce foot pressure and fatigue. However, I cannot find them anywhere now. They are easy on-and-off but don’t provide the support needed for all-day standing. Where can I order these shoes. The sole is flexible and slip-resistant. Need arch support? The sole is flat, so they may not be the best choice if you need arch support. Called Tiek and was told I had worn them and I could not return them. The soles provide good traction. Jambu has an open two clog with breathable sides that I love. I love Abeo by The Walking Company. Make sure you are getting the right brand as there are knock-offs out there, and they fall apart after a couple of months. The block heel is three and a half inches. They are great for all-day comfort and for running around outdoors. They are very lightweight and bendy. Some reviews report that the fit isn’t good, but that may be due to the foot and not the shoe. Designed to activate leg muscles, these shoes have patented cushioning that makes walking around easy. They have multiple styles on the website and I get lots of compliments on my shoes from the kids.” -Salica W. Lets not forget the men. This is a very sturdy sandal. These Skechers shoes are made from a woven fabric textile design and come in black and taupe. This is a good one for outdoor games. As for my favorite? I swear by them for comfort and support. I love Sketchers but they are not professional looking. A heel not more than two inches is best if you stand most of the day. Please share in the comments! Comfortable and attractive shoes for teachers don’t always go hand in hand. These may be better for people with wide feet as narrow feet seem to slip around while you are walking. There is one men’s shoe included in the round up, because one male responded when I asked about shoes on Facebook. I feel the same as you, though–there’s no support and they seem really, really overpriced. I look on Amazon first because they’re cheaper and many of them come with free shipping both ways, so I can try everything on at home with my outfits and return what I don’t like. It is a non-skid shoe, so you could wear it when playing games, but I think it’s a little too stylish for that. I have a hard time finding nice shoes that don’t hurt my feet. With gel-pod inserts and a slip-resistant sole, your foot has the maximum support you can expect from a pump. It’s about eight inches high with a platform of about one inch. Some reviewers recommend the brown ones as the black ones tend to have brown leather under a black veneer. They are made from yoga mat material and are great. But if they fit, they are attractive enough to wear with a dress, pantsuit as well as jeans. ... 10 Most Comfortable Heels to Wear … Here are the 30 brands and styles I saw mentioned most frequently, listed in alphabetical order. Top Comfortable Women’s Shoe Picks for Teachers. If you want cute and comfortable, I love Tieks ballet flats. The small heel is useful for rainy days when you have to be outside. Pumps are rarely comfortable – except if they are Naots, according to teachers. It has an EVA footbed, breathable grommets and a non-slip sole. It comes in four colors each with a white sole. It has a side zipper closure and fabric lining. What are the most comfortable teacher shoes YOU own? Some teachers need to run more than others. It is great for standing all day and is even comfortable enough for walking. “The leather is extremely soft and the inside of the shoe is well-padded for comfort! They have a rubber sole for good traction and the heel in four inches. Make-Up and Hair Ideas for Teachers. Nine West is my go-to brand. The sole is also leather. Plus, they offer many designs to choose from, with lots of different solid colors and even animal prints! A bonus is these boots are environmentally friendly as the lining is made from 80% recycled bottles. I used to buy cheaper shoes to have enough to match outfits. I always like B.O.C. Plus I don't care for the look of heals. These fabric pumps come in eight colors and have a synthetic sole that provides some traction. They are very durable and suitable for outdoor games as well as standing for hours in a classroom. via. If you plan to wear these during very hot weather and your feet swell, it’s recommended to get at least a half-size larger than you usually get. We are professionals so we must dress like professionals. Made with synthetic fabric and a rubber sole, these sneakers give excellent support. AND I love my Merrells!!! I have problems with neuromas and hammer toes. Vionic’s Orthaheel range feature removable EVA orthotic inserts which are covered with microfiber. They are well-made and should last for years. These are not for rough wear and they are not very durable. The sizing tends to be narrow, so check the size chart before you buy it. At the end of the summer last year I was wondering how I could wear my sandals all winter. I researched shoes to work with my problems and Asics and Brooks popped up. They have great traction for running on the playground. I have found Merrells to be the most comfortable. “Shoes on are all for people with feet problems. I have flat feet and scoliosis, so without the right shoe I am in pain and my ankles swell like hams. Couldn’t teach a day without my Docs and Chuck Taylors! They have some very classy and not so school-marmish looking models! The 9 Most Comfortable Shoes for Teachers. They are very comfortable and durable. Both brands are wide and soft to stand on. The heel is one and a half inches and the top opening is 10-inches circumference. They are lightweight even though they don’t look it. The contemporary bootie design is sleek and stylish and they don’t look clunky. It is about eight inches high and the design was inspired by traditional cowboy boots from the Wild West. They take some getting used to because of the hard sole. These are very attractive booties for the price. Bernie Mevs can provide both extra height and comfort. Sale. You can also get them in plain old black and beige, but why should you when you have this amazing choice. I am passionate about creating lessons that both educate and inspire students. This is another ankle-strap sandal with a low wedge. They are divine!! OneSole has a cork wedge that is amazing!!! I discovered that Keen makes leather lace ups in brown and black styles and even tennis shoes and work boots, for both men and women. They have a fabric top and a synthetic sole. I found another brand to add to your wonderful list.

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