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does mohair shed

I wouldn't even know where to start looking for the Schultz mohair. It also takes dye remarkably well, making it a great choice for vibrant colours. Thanks guys for your imput. For artists and collectors sponsored by Intercal...your mohair supplier and Johnna's Mohair Store, Hello,I have to start off by saying that I have never bought schultz mohair before, and I know it's the best, but I don't sell my bears yet so I can't justify buying some. And with Dale (an Intercal rep) serendipitously placed as my next-table neighbor at Nevada City this last April, well before this forum even came into existence, and his heaping stacks of glorious mohair from which to choose draped all over the place, I became recommitted to the cause. I to have started buying from intercal and I think it just depends on the density of the mohair. Whatever. Angoras therefore need access to shelter all year round. I am very glad for your advice! Sarah is a freelance writer, editor, and crafter. of it. Yes, Schulte does tend to have a tighter back...on the other hand if you are wanting to pluck out the nose hairs it is a llot harder on Hembold... Maybe you just got a bad piece? However, mohair is more delicate than its wool counterpart, so it's important to … Mohair inherently has a beautiful luster and shines when the light hits it. Mohair isn’t prone to pilling, but it can shed quite a lot. Angora fiber is shorn or plucked from Angora rabbits. I love my poms! aj. For kid mohair, 3 inches is an acceptable length, 4 to 5 inches is excellent. So, Lisa and Kim, or any other pet owners out there. It is a 70% mohair, 30% silk blend that comes about 50 yards to a ball. It's nice to see that it isn't the cost of the supplies but the artists vision that makes the bear desirable. Or i guess, would it stop shedding after a while? Knit Two Together Through the Back Loop (K2Tog TBL), How to Make a French Knot for Knitting Projects. That, actually, was one of the worst mohairs I've ever used, and did lots of shedding and fraying; so much so that to a total newcomer to mohair like me, it almost forced a remake of the bear. Isn't it bad enough that I have to occassionally pluck my own nose I have to consider what kind of mohair to buy just in case I decide to pluck the nose hairs of my bears...oh my!!! Comparison, that does not mean they derive from the same source • Hair– wool (sheep), cashmere and mohair (goats), angora (rabbits) – Usually loosely spun, making textiles that shed … I'm all about saving money, and yes I know you bears sell for tonnes Shelli. He's been to a million parties with me and my friends. Still, shedding can happen with other types as well, particularly with fuzzy yarns like angora, mohair, and alpaca. Rug shedding + what to avoid. I don't think I was any help for you!Donna. Mohair is a long, smooth fiber used in sweaters, hats, and other fluffy accessories. Mohair can have guard hairs mixed in, but Type A mohair has the least amount of guard hair. It's gorgeous; I love it. Sometimes i shrink up my pieces on purpose especially if I am making mini I don't have to fray check.....amd sometimes I don't. Donna, I promise, I'll stop tuggin on the mohair LOL You should see me, I work in a professional office, with my teddy parts on my desk and a black shirt full of mohair. Sounded easier than shrinking to me. To get a better shed the weaver can lift the harnesses while the reed is against the fabric, or raise only one harness at a time. It's advisable to wash them before use, but if done incorrectly, you can worsen a shedding … BECAUSE. Love those little critters Shelli!!! But it sheds. By weaving in a different manner sometimes a good shed can be created. I wore my new Mango cropped cardigan this week over a white scoop-neck knit top. Or do they all do that. I come here as Shelli the Bearmaker. Alpaca Fiber Compared to Angora, Mohair, or Silk. And sheds. And then success — Just the right thing for just the right price. And for my very first mohair bears, I bought mohair (actually my mom did, for me) from Beary Cheap. i have only bought a little bit of mohair, mostly because I am just starting out and am afraid to buy something and have it be "junk"  I dont want to spend an arm and a leg and not be happy. These hairs have to be removed from any classification in order to get a good fiber product. It probably also comes down to lot quality. We mostly offer blended items which do not felt. Enter a deep freeze. If you want/like a dense, lush mohair feel and finish, you'll hate these little rubbed and scraped baldies -- with whom very sparse, sloppy mohair is the ideal choice. It can also loosen the weave and create a hole or more significant issue.Â, Instead, try using scissors to trim the rogue strings. I have a chihuahua/pug mix, a chihuahua, and a dachshund mix. New blankets tend to shed, leaving your bed and pajamas covered in lint. There's not a lot to do about yarn that leaves some fibers behind when you're knitting, but you can protect yourself from the mess and keep it contained. There are also some things you can try to reduce or eliminate yarn shedding and pilling in finished knit projects. Similar to wool in many ways, mohair can be knit or woven to make sweaters or mixed with wool fibers to create beautiful, lofty fabrics. Ah, mohair. Another option is a knit shaver, which is a battery-powered handheld machine that uses suction and a tiny rotating blade that cuts off loose fibers. My favorite stuffing tool is an old fondu fork. Mohair is one of the oldest textile fibers in use. The word mohair is derived from the Arabic mukhayyar (“goat’s hair fabric”), which became mockaire in medieval times. (It's not one of those yucky one that buys from puppy mills. And by the end of the day it is literally up my nose, making my nose itchy and sneezy! Just ask my husband! Today, South Africa is the largest producer of mohair, followed by the United States. I love it!! How to Address Shedding on a Finished Project. But it's been my experience, using both Intercal AND Edinburgh (Schulte) and Beary Cheap mohairs, that the shedding/fraying factor depends on lots of things, from which finish and density you're getting, to which pile length. The freezing action helps the angora fibers behave. This will stop the shedding problem and should be done before each wear. How to Get a New Blanket to Stop Shedding. Do I buy mohair elsewhere? So I'm on a roll here, and wanted to show you some pictures of what I find to be wonderful, wonderful bears, all of which have a very scrappy look (on purpose.) Sheds like crazy! And Shelli, you are great! Thoughts? Or Both? and call my bear friends here Schulte Snobs. No matter WHICH SUPPLIER it comes from. The device collects the thin strands of yarn in a clear container (just like a vacuum collects dirt), so you can see what you have extracted. In a pinch, you can try running a disposable razor up and down the knit to remove flyaways. I was skeptical, but I gave it a shot, and it worked for me. ooooh, bit in the face by a dog. It inspires me and I know I won't hate the mohair. it's a cheaper mohair? And sheds. Being prepared for the mess can help—one thing you can do is to cover your lap with a cloth as you knit, so at least the threads contained. I can buy my eye supplies and disk supplies here to boot. It is a fingering weight yarn. Active Member. And I'm in love with the 's' finsih. LMOA Deb that was funny! [citation needed] The Angora goat is thought to originate from the mountains of Tibet, reaching Turkey in the 16th century.However, fabric made of mohair was known in England as early as the 8th century. I have been told that the English mohair doesn't have as strong a backing (tight weave) as the German mohair. Sure I do, occasionally. The backing was so loosely woven that you could see the stuffing through the backing. And I don't think those things are supplier-specific. All the horror stories I have!! I don't think they would be as cute anymore LOLThanks for any imput you may have,Heather. It is all in the density and type of mohair weave. Pilling happens when loose fibers begin to twist, tangle, mat, or form little balls on top of the sweater. :D:D. Whew, I'm relieved. sounds like my hubby... he tells me on occasion that i have "diarhea of the mouth" a.k.a. I just made a bear in July that was from my old Intercal stock that I had not shrunk. Mohair has the natural property of being highly resilient & therefore lends itself to shedding wrinkles, when properly fabricated. Price doesn't always mean everything. Tiny thread scissors work well to get an accurate cut without snipping into the actual stitches and creating a hole.Â. While there's not a lot you can do to completely stop this shedding, you can control it … I've never tried it. If mohair is shorter than 4 inches, (except kid mohair, which can be a little shorter because it is finer), the yarn spun from it will probably shed excessively unless spun with a lot of twist. I hope you find a new friend soon. I can see a picture of a bear made from that material. We don't have to worry too much longer about Norton since it is almost all gone now. Yarn that sheds while you're knitting can be a nuisance, and it's challenging to deal with the problem in the middle of a project. Maybe a stabilizer would also help a little with the shedding mohair too ... but I'm sure it would help with issues resulting from the loose weave.

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