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gps cat tracker

They’re cheap, lightweight, and measure battery life in months rather than hours. We just wanted to quickly note you’ve listed trackers in this article that are not true GPS trackers and, therefore, aren’t really comparable to products like the Pod and Whistle which are true GPS trackers. All of them appear to be sturdy and secure with no wear at the attachment point. And no fees! Thanks for the reviews! Finally, factor in price. Most people are looking for something unique for their pets, whether it be sound, light or bark control – we have made it so you can add whatever you want to the Pod! The Weenect for cats is a great little device with lots of useful extra features. Again, thanks so much Mallory! They seem to have the best customer service, and are USA based companies tend to be more responsive to issues that may arise after purchase. Thanks for great review. We have used this to train our new kitten (a fence jumper) to come when signalled, by providing treats when we detected her using the Loc8tor. Even though the tracker was sitting on a shelf, the app fluctuated by about thirty feet between scans—as if the Cat Tailer was jumping back and forth across the room. While it can help you once you enter that range, you’ll still have to wander around your cat’s usual haunts until you pick up a signal. Gives great peace of mind. The thing even doubles up as an activity tracker. It combines GPS and wifi. The Girafus Pro-Track-Tor and Whistle GO+ did well in this test, each reuniting tracker and receiver within six minutes. Diet Study We want to use isotopes to see what your cat might be … You’ll find trackers of every category at a wide range of prices, so look for one that fits your budget both upfront and over time. It’s like playing a game of “Hot and Cold”—the tracker tells you if you’re getting “warmer” until you’re right on target. I have actually kept this page saved on my computer for some time as I keep debating which tracker would work best for me. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Regards, It looks like the cat used in the review for the Pod and the cat used in the review for Weenect is the same cat on the Weenect website. – Whistle 3 Our eight candidates are popular products that have generated a lot of conversation on the web. Good catch, we’ve updated the product info to reflect the 1yr battery life. Our favorites Harnesses work well for walks, while a collar is probably your best bet for a free-roaming kitty. we need a small unit about the size of a penny that will provide real time GPS and G5 enabled. RF trackers are extremely accurate and consistent, with the ability to pinpoint your cat’s location within a few centimeters. As long as the limited range is acceptable to you, Girafus presents itself as an interesting option. The 10 best tracking devices and smart collars for cats, Wyze Watch looks a lot like the Apple Watch but costs 10 times less, Cyber Monday Fitbit, Garmin, Apple deals that are still here, Huami launches a more expensive Zepp Z ECG variant, Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 now has an LTE variant in Europe, A cheaper Amazfit GTS 2 Mini launches alongside the Amazfit Pop Pro, Keep your dog safe with these smart collars, Sprint launches GPS-enabled WatchMeGo, its first smartwatch for kids, https://www.weenect.com/en/gps-phone-collar-for-cats-weenect-cats.html, http://www.tek.no/artikler/test-weenect-cats/348858/2, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1889757235/pod-3-the-customizable-modular-gps-tracker-for-eve?ref=bc0z4y, Most Garmin watches are on sale right now, Garmin Fenix 7: tech specs, design, features we’d like to see, when to expect it, Fitbit Versa 3 vs Charge 4: here’s exactly what you get with each, Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 vs Jr 2: fitness tracker for kids comparison. The TabCat Pet Tracking System uses radio wave technology to help you find your pet cat. It’s large and bulky, not waterproof unless you make it even bigger with a damn silicone case. Range has not been an issue since if necessary we just walk around the neighbourhood to find the signal. Weenect is a cat tracker that contains Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. – Mallory. Really great article. After researching the market, reading product roundups, scouring customer reviews, and testing eight of the top pet trackers, we’ve chosen the Whistle Go as the best cat tracker you can buy. After I connected the modules and started a walk, the Findster Duo+ brought me within 60 feet of the tracker, then started showing the tracking module on the opposite side of the street from its actual location. I hope I didn’t just lose all my money. You may be able to buy the Girafus tracker from their store: https://www.girafus-shop.com/girafus-pro-track-tor-haustier-hund-katze-kleintier-finder-sucher-ortung-mit-varianten/ortung/a-10162 It’s shipped from Germany and your shipping expense will be higher, but it may be a good solution. With a built-in light and extended battery life, Whistle GO Explore is the ultimate pet tracker. This is more convenient than microchip information which can get out of date, plus reading a microchip requires a trip to the vet. Tracking is done via a smartphone app and you can define a safe area for immediate notification when your cat strays. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1889757235/pod-3-the-customizable-modular-gps-tracker-for-eve?ref=bc0z4y. *Disclosure: We are a review site that receives a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same for you. In contrast, the Eureka has a range of 1/2 of a mile up to 2 miles. Plus most of them require a data plan, which will cost up to $10 per month. These questions will help you decide if your cat needs a GPS tracker, RF tracker, or a small-range device that relies on Bluetooth. After much due consideration, I am going to move forward with purchasing the Girafus Pro-Track-Tor for daily use and the Whistle Go Explorer for when we travel just in case she gets out while the cat sitter is on duty. However, there is not great cell coverage and I have a lot of bushes and trees in the backyard and surrounding area so I am not sure how well a standard GPS tracker will work vs an RF tracker. TrackR has an app for both Apple and Android devices which allows you to easily track your lost items. The two other GPS trackers didn’t update as frequently, so they lost some ground and failed to give an accurate location on the map. The first and arguably the best cat tracker on our list is from the brand TabCat. Hi – we aim to update the information every 6-9 months for our buying guides. Some trackers act like fitness trackers, giving you reports about your cat’s daily calorie burn, hours of rest per day, and more. Though it worked well in our initial tracking test, the Findster Duo+ simply isn’t made for door dashes. But will definitely consider a similar tool for pet trackers in the future. Of the trackers we tested, the Girafus had the lowest profile and was best-suited to small cats. we are looking for a tracker where we can see where she goes at nighttime (we don’t think she wanders far – maybe 1500 feet from our house) and also where we can find her when need to, especially if she does not show up for her breakfast or dinner. According to their FAQ page, the battery lasts for up to 6 weeks and up to 3 days of continuous tracking. It therefore requires a subscription to cover the service charge. Thanks for this post, but I’m using trackimo for my cat and so far it works very well. If it's hiding in a bush, you … According to their website, the 3G cat tracker does not work in the US (at least not anymore). They are coming out with an increasing number of high tech solutions designed specifically with pets in mind. Priced around €50, the Weenect 2 is an affordable option but you will have to pay an additional monthly subscription fee for use. This pet tracker is designed especially for cats. Once it got into range, however, the Tabcat was spot-on, never failing to give an accurate reading. Other customers seem to like it, too, so I’d definitely consider giving it a try. With battery life of up to 7 days, you get live GPS tracking, location alerts and the ability to create a designated safe area. The problem, however, is that, depending on your network connectivity, the Tractive may take more than two to three seconds to enter live mode. https://www.amazon.com/RC-Pet-Products-53803001-Collection/dp/B07GC5HD8D/?tag=wwwallabou001-20, https://www.girafus-shop.com/girafus-pro-track-tor-haustier-hund-katze-kleintier-finder-sucher-ortung-mit-varianten/ortung/a-10162, Rocki Robot Companion Review: We Tried It, We purchased 8 of the best cat trackers on the market today, We spent a few weeks testing the cat litters on several cats, We did not receive these product in exchange for a favorable review, they were purchased with our own money, Uses virtual fences to warn you when your cat leaves a safe area, Requires you to pay for a monthly subscription, One of the only GPS trackers that doesn’t require a monthly plan, MAZE technology updates more frequently than other trackers, giving you accurate real-time location tracking, Features a radar tracking screen to help you narrow down your search, Works everywhere, including places without cell service, Only tracks your cat when “on a walk”, limiting you to planned outings, A large tracker that may be uncomfortable for small or sensitive cats, Has an LED light for finding your cat at night or in dark places, Tends to take a long time to connect and refresh GPS signal, You have to pay for a data plan, which costs at least $5.99 per month, Had the shortest battery life of the GPS trackers we tested, One handset works with up to four tracking modules, One of the cheapest cat trackers you can buy, The tracker’s 1,600-foot range is exceptional among RF trackers, The smallest, most-cat-friendly tracker on this list, One handset is compatible with up to 4 trackers, Some customers say that the battery gets loose inside of the tracker, leading to inconsistent performance, The receiver is clunky and won’t fit in smaller pockets, Connects to the Tile user network, which may help you to find your cat if he gets lost, Tile’s use of location services will drain your phone’s battery, Extremely short tracking range makes it almost useless if your cat roams far from home, A very small, lightweight cat tracker ideal for small cats and kittens, One of the smallest detection ranges of any pet tracker on the market, Bluetooth signal tends to be inconsistent, Includes training module with ring/vibrate features, The world’s smallest GPS tracker for cats, includes multi-network SIM card, Silicone case for waterproof protection, fits any collar or harness, May be too big for some cats to wear comfortably, Battery life could be longer, only lasts about 3 days, Requires you to purchase a monthly subscription. Wow,that’s a great news for pet lovers.Awesome I am definitely buying one for my doggo. How is it “Short Battery life”? Read more here. The inexpensive device comes with no on-going monthly fees. If it’s spotty, an RF or network-independent tracker might work best. Oh, well. GPS trackers tend to be larger and heavier than other trackers, so they may be uncomfortable for some cats.

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